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The air, infinite, activates the sound that captivated him as a child. Alejandro Escuer soon discovered his vocation, growing up in a family that appreciates art. He studied flute for 11 years, before entering the Conservatory, while he studied Sociology at the UNAM.

“I love the idea that my instrument is not really the flute, but the air, which is what makes it work,” he says in an interview as he builds his new Alto in Sol, which has several assembly options that allow him to experiment with the sound.

“The flute seemed to me an instrument of primitive expressive power and at the same time contemporary; It is very close to the human voice and gets along well with percussions, which are the oldest instruments of all cultures, “he says.

Last night, the composer was also named Distinguished Soloist Artist by the prestigious Kingma brand, who built especially for him the “Alto Contralto Flute” that he now has in his hands; a unique piece made in silver and gold, among other materials, whose mechanisms allow it to emit a record one octave lower than the flute in traditional sun.

With this, Escuer becomes the only interpreter and will be the first composer of works for this instrument in Mexico. Along with the Microtonal Concert Flute in Do Levit-Kigma – a unique piece that was also recently delivered to him -, the peculiar instrument has been played for the first time in recent dates, in Tamaulipas, Morelia and, last night, at the National School of Music of the UNAM.

These are handmade creations that are made in a small workshop in Holland, where Eva Kingma is dedicated to design and manufacture them with hand-assembled, together with three partners.

“(The microtonal flute) expands the chords between one sound and another: let’s say that the flute has a record by steps, but that transition is extended with the keys that Eva added, which allow you to control the tuning, to have other types of notes , a clearer sound; it is a more advanced instrument “, details Escuer.

Founder of Onix Ensemble and Lumínico groupings, Escuer has specialized in contemporary techniques of flute interpretation; With this approach he has brought to the country the most avant-garde designs, such as the double bass flute, whose body measures 2.5 meters, or the subcontractor, of 4.5, in addition to a microtonal mouthpiece specially built for him.

Multidisciplinary and humanist artist, in his proposals Escuer integrates sociology, photography, design, painting and sound art into musical performance.

“(The breath) is a need for expression, to imagine different worlds, to create acoustic, visual sound spaces; even to make you enjoy reality more: music makes life more fulfilling, “says who, among other recognitions, has received the Rockefeller Foundation award, the Fulbright García Robles for postdoctoral stay and the first prize for interpretation of the National institute of fine arts.

To a record list that includes solo titles such as Jade Nocturno, Aqua, Naked Air, Folklore Imaginario and Flying, plus five discs with ONIX Ensamble, the musician plans to include his first piece for “Flute Alto in Sun” on that album grouping, which will be published this year.

The first tour with the instrument will take place in the company of the artists that make up Lumínico, on May 24 in Guadalajara, on the 30th in León and on the 31st and the first of June, in the City Theater.


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