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Released: 2001
Genre: Classical
Artist: Ónix Ensamble
Produced by: Global Classics

Latin American music is the synthesis of insurmountable traditions. Miscegenation of prodigious rhythms that trace the spiritual and profane outline of praise and memories: acoustic appearances of luminous pulses that are followed with the body, with the naive soul of endearing nostalgia.

ONIX Nuevo Ensamble de México presents EL TIEMPO, a contemporary music album whose “lightweight helmets” break with the belief that the new in concert music must be avant-garde.

Intelligent, deep and funny controversy occurs between the musical languages ​​of the present and the past in EL TIEMPO. And that is what today’s music is about, controversy and the questioning of expectations and conventions; of the faint clichés and the challenge between the legacy of antiquity and what modernity glimpses. In the end, the one who always wins is an inevitable encounter with ourselves, with fragments of our time and our history.

Onix reflects controversies, musical trends found, original, always current. This is the essence of the work of a group that lives an artistic reality whose aesthetic eclecticism is as common and natural as the journey of sound in space.

Onix Ensamble

“Este proyecto es apoyado por el Fondo Nacional para la Cultura y las Artes”